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The Baseball Lab trains Baseball and Softball players with performance analysis and instruction using the latest 3D Motion Capture, Video Analysis Software, and the most advanced Baseball Simulator in the State of Michigan.


 The Baseball Lab

HitTrax Baseball is the first and only baseball simulator to show complete statistics and video of ball flight in MLB ballparks from a hitter's perspective.

The spotlight is on the player in an entertaining, game like situation we create here at the Baseball Lab.

At the same time, the microscope is on a player as well. HitTrax measures the real-time velocities of key performance metrics in the act of the Hitting or Pitching motion .


Exit  Ball  Velocity, Distance  of  Hit, Launch  Angle/Elevation, Hard  Hit  Average, %  of  Line  Drives/Fly  Balls/Ground  Balls, BA,  SLG,  and  OPS

Spray  Charts, 13 Zone/Strike  Zone  Analysis


Pitch  Velocity, Late  Break  Measurements, Pitch  Location, %  Strikes, %  of  Line  Drives/Fly  Balls/Ground  Balls, Spray  Charts, Batting  Average  Against, Strike  Zone  Analysis, Analysis  by  Pitch  Type



HitTrax at The Baseball Lab

We offer weekend tournaments for different age groups and skill levels. Tournaments are a very exciting new way to play the game at the Baseball Lab. 

When you play a tournament game on HitTrax you will see all your stats generated for each game and for an entire tournament. Stats are as in-depth as professional ball clubs produce and players play in a Major League Ballpark or College Softball Stadium of their choice. 

​       Sign Up - 248-719-7868



Hitting/Pitching Leagues - Call us to sign your team or individual player up for the "Wow" factor experience and feedback the Baseball Lab Leagues provide players. Elevate your game by getting to the plate more vs. live pitching or our multi-pitch type pitching machine.

Hone and test your pitching motion by pitching more often and effectively and gain game situational experience facing more live hitters. Your personal performance, stats and data metrics will be recorded and available for you, your parents, and coaches. You will also be ranked locally, regionally and Nationally against other players of your age and skill level.

Leagues are filling for all ages 8-18U, Travel Major/AAA, AA, House, Recreational, and Little League players. League start dates will be set when team rosters fill. 6-8 teams per age division.

Sign Up - 248-719-7868


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