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To provide players, parents, and coaches the best methods possible to develop, train, and impress hitting, pitching and throwing fundamentals modeled after the motions and techniques of Major League Baseball players.

About The Baseball Lab - Indoor Baseball Training Center Novi, MI - aboutEVALUATION AND PERFORMANCE DATA

To use the most advanced Baseball and Softball technology to determine a player's current ability, clearly show the results of training at the Baseball Lab, and to capture every aspect of a player's performance when facing live pitching
or hitting in the batting cage.


To give customers an unforgettable Baseball experience playing Virtual Baseball on the HitTrax, to give players of any skill level the feeling of playing in a Major
League Park.


We can facilitate an in-depth evaluation of your players current data metrics so you know your players by their strengths and weaknesses. We provide a complete statistical picture of a hitter or pitcher, so you can worry about how you are going to use your players' strengths to your team's best advantage. Team Evaluation is available now Call 248-719-7868 for more info.



We seek to partner with local Baseball and Softball Leagues and Travel programs to assist in developing players within your organization. We can partner to raise the overall level of training, instruction, and performance for any League by engaging kids in a way the can relate to, through technology. Families take advantage of the discounted instruction and performance time necessary to build their player's swing and/or pitching motion into something reactionary and instinctive.

The Tools of the Pros - Baseball and Softball Specific Technology

This combined technology gives us real time video and data metrics to train players more efficiently than traditional private Baseball lessons. Thus giving you more for your money and measurable results in black and white.

3D Motion Capture is a method to evaluate and determine a players power and exact swing path and plane to the baseball, time in the zone, and angles of horizontal and verticle impact...


We use Right View Pro Software as developed for MLB & Collegiate teams. Students see just what Pro players do during slow motion playback and breakdown of swings and pitching motions. We show players a Pro Model and and show players themselves at 1/60 of a second.

About The Baseball Lab - Indoor Baseball Training Center Novi, MI - simulationGame Simulation and Performance Indicators

Recording every aspect of the hitter/pitcher confrontation from both sides to determine strength's and weaknesses through case studies of each individual player on every at-bat and every pitch thrown. We compile real-time statistics and key performance metrics to capture the ability and development of a player. Player performance is determined by such metrics as exit ball velocity, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, strike zone analysis, spray charts and more. The immediate feedback empowers hitters and pitchers, leading to more productive training sessions with quantitative results.

Training motion through muscle memory, seeing and feeling the correct motion, building a data base of Baseball experience and testing the reaction of
the performance.

We employ the most technical approach to our methodology possible. Our Baseball and Softball instruction philosophy is to absolutely know in measurable data the ability of a player. Each ball player will have their own signature or way they do things. We further define that signature by recording data metrics while a player swings, pitches, or throws. We capture player data to see where the player is statistically and what their unique motions are in 3D and at 1/60 of a second slow motion video.

We then find inefficiencies in a swing or pitching motion that can be improved. Train the change of inefficient motion by repetition to create muscle memory for a more efficient motion. Then record a live hitting or pitching performance when the more efficient motion is locked in.

After a live performance we can determine tendencies and areas of improvement with the numbers produced during the session and report as to how well a player is learning to just react as a hitter or command pitches as a pitcher.

Our goal is to increase those key performance metrics a player arrives with, and improve their performance with a more efficient, more powerful motion. We look beyond any preconceived potential and find out what the numbers say about every player, and how those numbers can improve them using the best Baseball and Softball technology on the market.


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