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Baseball Training: Pitching Simulator, Batting Novi MI | The Baseball Lab - 2014-09-09_19


Your First visit to The Baseball Lab is FREE


Individual:  $40 per 1/2 Hr. $80 per 1 Hr. - Package Discounts as low as $33 per 1/2 hour 
Semi-Private:  As low as $35/hour!

“Advanced Individual Data and Analytics, like a Professional Player”

Schedule a FREE Baseline Assessment Report, emailed to you after your session.



The HitTrax Baseball Simulator Baseline Assessment Report for Hitters

A Baseline Assessment Report (BAR) is an introduction to our new technology at the plate. We will measure a player’s hitting velocities, verse a simulated defense at your skill level, and get a snapshot of where you are right now, with results of your batting cage session.


Baseline Assessment Report measures:

  • Repetitions (Off the Hitting Tee, Off of live pitching)
  • Average Ball Exit Velocity (Speed of Ball off the Bat in MPH)
  • Maximum Ball Exit Velocity
  • Average Distance (Ball Flight in Feet)
  • Maximum Distance
  • Average Launch Angle (Measures Average Trajectory of Ball Flight)
  • Batting Average (Against a simulated defense at your skill level)
  • Slugging Percentage (Against a simulated defense at your skill level)
  • Line Drive Percentage
  • Fly Ball Percentage
  • Ground Ball Percentage
  • Hard Hit Average (Percentage of Hits at 90-100% of your Maximum Ball Exit Velocity)
  • LDH (LD % plus Hard Hit Average)
  • Percentage of Hits to Each Field (LF, CF, RF)


Advanced Analytics:

  • Spray Chart (Hit & Outs plotted in the field, where the fielder algorithm picks up the batted ball)
  • Pitch Tracker (Tracks pitches in 5 zones at the plates, and charts hits per zone)
  • Launch Angle vs Ball Exit Velocity Graph (LA vs MPH, with %’s of hits in each launch angle range of 5°)



Hitting and Pitching Evaluation

Hitting & Pitching Instruction - Individual, Semi-Private

Pick One of the 3 Technologies for your Session as a Player or Coach


HitTrax Baseball Simulator

  • Individual Hitting or Pitching Instruction on HitTrax. HitTrax produces batting cage session data for review of a player's: Exit Ball Velocity, Distance of Hit, Launch Angle, Elevation, Batting Average, Hard Hit Average, % of Line Drives/Fly Balls/Ground Balls, SLG and OPS, Spray Charts, Strike Zone Analysis, and produces Performance Trends in Charts and Graphs for Hitter's. For Pitcher's, HitTrax produces session data for: Pitch Velocity, Late Break Measurement, Pitch Location, % Strikes, % of Line Drives/Fly Balls/Ground Balls, Spray Charts, Batting Average Against, Analysis by Pitch Type, Strike Zone Analysis, Performance Trends in Charts and Graphs.


RightView Pro Video Analysis

  • Pro Pitching and Hitting Models, Evaluation and Instruction of Swing or Pitching Motion, Snapshots of Pitching or Hitting in 12 Key Positions, Video Analysis and Player specific Instruction of Hitting and Pitching Mechanics.


Zepp Baseball - 3D Motion Capture - 360 Degree Swing Analysis

  • 3D Swing Analysis, Bat Speed, Bat Path, Bat Plane , Time in the Zone, Vertical & Horizontal Angles of Impact



  • 5 Hour Package: 30 MINUTES

Buy 4 Lessons ½ or Full Hour, Get One Free - $160

  • 5 Hour Package: 60 MINUTES

Buy 4 Lessons Full Hour, Get One Free - $320


Indoor Baseball and Softball Facility Rentals

Training Tunnel Session - 70' Length x 14' Width x 14' Height

$30 per 1/2 Hr. $60 per 1 Hr.
  • Multi-purpose Baseball and Softball batting cage, net enclosed with field turf, L-Screen, Ball Caddy, Baseballs, Hitting Tees
  • Pitching Machine
  • Movable Indoor Mound


Special Events

HitTrax Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvahs & Special Events

$299 (2 Hours)
Party includes: 15 minutes to set up, 2 hours of game time, 15 minutes to clean up = 2 1/2 hours total. Party attendees play Simulated Games, Home Run Derby, and Long Ball Contest against each other on HitTrax for 1 Hour. Presents, Cake, Food and Drinks in Upper Deck Family Area for an hour. Outside food and beverages allowed, or we can arrange for catering.
Special Events – Team Parties, Field Trips, Corporate Team Building, Game Nights 
We will plan a great Baseball Or Softball Themed event for you. 

Starting at $299 for 2 hours of GAMES and Facility Rental, including the upstairs meeting area.
*Team training and private lessons are non-refundable. Due to time constraints and rental space availability, cancellations must be made within 72 hours.